logo of PRINCIPLE study

Platform for Randomised trial of INterventions against COVID-19 In older peoPLE

Claremont is taking part in a national Covid-19 Treatment Research Project


Aim of the study?

The trial will use some well known medications and see how effective they are at reducing the severity, duration and impact of symptoms.


Can I take part?

The trial is open to anyone aged 50 to 64 who has been experiencing COVID-19 symptoms for less than 15 days and have at least one of the following conditions:

  • A known weakened immune system because of a serious illness or medication (e.g. chemotherapy);
  • Known heart disease or high blood pressure;
  • Known asthma or lung disease;
  • Known diabetes not treated with insulin;
  • Known mild hepatic impairment (liver disease);
  • Have previously had a stroke or have known neurological problems.


Anyone aged over 65 years who has been experiencing COVID-19 symptoms for less than 15 days.


But, what does the trial entail?

Everyone on the trial will be tested for COVID-19.

In addition, you will then either receive:

1) the trial treatment we are testing
2) current usual best care and advice but without the medication we are testing.

Participants will also be asked to answer some questions each day online for up to 28 days telling us about any symptoms you might be experiencing and how well you are feeling.

If this applies to you and you are interested, please follow the links to read further information and complete the registration form. For more information, please call the Practice to speak to the Research Team.

With your help, we can find effective treatments for Covid-19!!